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Welcome to the Seattle Hungarian Scouts’ page!

Our group’s goal is to create an atmosphere for children where besides enjoying themselves, they can practice the Hungarian language while they play and learn. It is through play that we aim to help our young people develop their individuality and character, and build a community with an emphasis on preserving their Hungarian roots through the proven scout methods. During regularly conducted meetings the kids acquire various skills that are useful not only in everyday life, but during the long awaited camps. We hope that through our gatherings the scouts form lasting friendships; and in addition to obtaining a variety of useful knowledge, also learn and demonstrate critical thinking, effective reasoning, and respectful behavior.


“The task of Hungarian scouts abroad is twofold. They honor the country that took them in or they were born in. However, they equally serve their Hungarian heritage, to which they are tied by their culture, traditions, and families.” – Gábor Bodnár*


Gábor Bodnár was one of the founding members of the Hungarian scouts abroad organization (KMCsSz), which he guided from the USA until his passing. For further information can be obtained from the webpage of KMCsSz:



Overlake Christian Church

9900 Willows Rd NE, Redmond, WA 98052


Twice every month from 1 pm - 2:30 pm

November 4; 18

December 2; 9

January 6; 20

February 3; 17

March 3; 17; 31

April 14; 28

May 12

June 2